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1 Year Warranty Home Inspection Review

 Can’t say enough GREAT things about Paul Fourie and his service! We are coming towards the end of our one year warranty on our new house (in Princeton) and wanted to get an inspection done just in case. I put a post on Yelp to get an idea of inspection prices. Paul not only quoted a great price, but was the first inspector to respond and continued to quickly answer all my questions(unlike others). He was extremely flexible in his schedule and very friendly. He’s been doing home inspections for a long time and is incredibly knowledgeable. He just recently went into business for himself. I can’t say enough good things about his quality of workmanship!! He was extremely thorough and noticed every detail. Our house is not even a year old and he found several items that needed to be fixed!! I was actually quite surprised. He was absolutely wonderful and very very very nice!!! I hope I can spread the good word and help his business prosper. If you need an inspection done on your house PAUL is the man you want doing it! We couldn’t be happier!! Thank you again Paul! :-) Amanda  P

New Home Inspection Review

 My wife and I were extremely happy with the job Paul did with the inspection on our new home purchase!  He was professional, cordial, prompt with scheduling and correspondence, clearly very knowledgeable, and did a thorough inspection.

Ours was a brand new home so we questioned at first whether finding an inspector was even necessary but would now absolutely recommend it no matter the situation. Paul noted many items in his report that the builder agreed to fix which will likely prevent a lot of headache in the future.  

Paul took the time to explain all his findings in great detail, both in person after his inspection and on his formal report. As first time home buyers, we learned a lot from Paul's expertise, and the level of detail that Paul brought really opened our eyes to how many things need to be checked on a house that would have never crossed our minds.

We'd highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for home inspection services!  Joe C

Google Review

 We hired Paul to inspect the house that we are in the process of buying. He definitely exceeded our expectations! He not only inspected every part of the house (even the parts we didn't know existed) and gave us an amazing presentation and report at the end, he also gave us some home ownership 101 lessons. He saved us money by pointing the things that we need to ask the seller to fix (there was no way we could identify them on our own) and we now know what are the main maintenance activities we need to perform on our house regularly. He was on time, spent plenty of time explaining every item to us, and sent us the report the same night. Definitely not even comparable to my previous home inspection experiences. Highly recommended!  Bita T.

Google Review

  Paul did a wonderful job with the inspection. The inspection was thorough and indentified issues with the foundation and irrigation leaks. He helped prevent us from purchasing a home with issues. We decided to cancel the purchase agreement. We are now under a different purchase agreement for another home and we plan to use Paul again to complete the inspection. Thanks so much Paul!! It is great to know we can purchase our home with confidence based on your inspection.  Miranda C. 

Yelp Review

   Paul did a fantastic job for our home inspection. He promptly responded to requests for a quote, beat the competition on price, and proceeded to do a very thorough and professional job. We were very impressed. He also answered follow up questions that we had after the inspection report was delievered. We cannot recommend him enough!  Matt M.

1 Year Warranty Home Inspection Review

Got my home inspected for end of year warranty was close to expire . . .excellent service and attention to detail and competitive pricing . . will call again for any future home moves or investment purchases  kiddiecarbeds

1 Year Warranty Home Inspection review

 Friends in Light Farms had used Paul for their new home inspection and recommended him to me. I contracted him to provide an inspection prior to my one year warranty expiration on my new home in Celina. He was very thorough, detailed and explained his findings with me. I highly recommend him and his company!! Karen S.

Google review

 I just got my new house inspected by Paul. He used technology which allowed me to see all the areas that he inspected. He answered my questions and explained everything. This was my first home inspection but I would highly recommend him/this company. Great experience and the price is affordable. Brandon R.

Yelp Review

 I used Paul for my latest home inspection.  He was responsive, friendly, thorough, and professional.  Additionally, he was able to quickly summarize the most important parts of the 70+ page report to give me what I needed to know.  Pricing was reasonable.  Would definitely recommend! Josh M