4 Myths: Why a 1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection in Dallas?

Myth #1: I have a great builder.


 Maybe. Your builder may have convinced you of this with their marketing literature. The truth is that most home builders are not building your home. Home builders contract the work out to many subcontractors. In fact, some of the subcontractors hire subcontractors themselves. Some home builders even contract out all the work to General Contractors who then contract with subcontractors. Who exactly is building your house? I hate to burst the bubble, but the best subcontractors for a specific trades are not working in the new home sector. They are working in the remodeling sector or in commercial construction. As a result, the quality of the work in most new home construction is less than stellar. 

Myth #2: My new home has already been inspected by the city or county.


 True…but…Municipal building inspectors spend only a few minutes at each property and only have time for a cursory inspection. Builders and their subcontractors know this. Municipal inspectors don’t have time to crawl the entire crawl space or attic. Because of their extreme work load, they are forced to trust the builder and their subcontractors. The builder and their subcontractors know this and sometimes take advantage of this trust. Many things can still go wrong after the municipal inspectors have signed off on various inspections. No one is looking at how the components and systems of the house function as a whole unless you hire an independent private home inspector. 

Myth #3: Nothing could go wrong because my home is new.


 False. Actually a lot could go wrong with your new house both during construction and during the first year. There are the obvious defects that you may have caught in the first months in your new home. But, there are also hidden defects that most homeowners won’t have the technical training to find. Small defects can result in expensive repairs in the future. In my professional experience, the most significant problems with houses that are 5, 10, 20 or 30 years old originated when the house was new. 

Myth #4: I had a home inspection before I closed on my house.


 Maybe you did. However, over the first year, the systems of the house start to operate and you start living in the house the way you live. Building materials will expand and contract with environmental and weather changes. Problems might become apparent during the first year that were not evident when you first moved into your house. 

Here’s why you should schedule a Builder Warranty Inspection:


The builder is responsible for repairs to your new home for the first 12 months.

The cost of home warranty repairs were already calculated into the cost of the house you bought. You have essentially already paid for these repairs.

The cost of the house inspection will be far outweighed by the cost of repairs that you won’t have to pay for in the future.

The prudent action to take is to hire an independent skilled home inspector and building science expert to perform a 1 year Builders Warranty Inspection in Dallas for your new home. Don’t miss this opportunity. If you miss this opportunity, you could find out why you should have gotten a Builder Warranty Inspection when you go to sell the house. The buyer’s home inspector will find defects that should have been discovered during the first year of the house.

Don't pay for your builders mistakes!